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Time code problems with video captured from DV camera to MPEG file on my hard drive



I have been banging my head for weeks trying to find a solution to this problem. I sure hope someone can help me.


Using MY DVD (version 6.2.0), I have captured video from my Digital Video camera to my hard drive (to MPEG video files). However, during playback on my PC, I can see that there are time code problems (example: a 90 minute video movie plays fine for the full 90 minutes - however, during playback, Real Player (and\or Windows Media Player) show that the video length is far less then 90 minutes in length.


I have been told by Sonic tech support that the time code problem is a capture problem that is caused by "breaks" in the digital tape that I use in my DV camera.


I would’nt mind the time code problem, except that unfortunately, when I try to burn any of those MPEG files (that have time code problems) to DVD using the "add files" option in MY DVD, I get the following: “Error = Invalid requested time 19004”. (Also, it should be noted that I am not able to edit those MPEG files (with time code problems) using MY DVD either).



1) Is there any way that I can burn those MPEG files (that have time code problems) to DVD?

2) Or... Is there an easy way to correct the time code problem on those existing MPEG files? NOTE: The Sonic Tech support told me that I could fix the time code problems on the existing MPEG files by downloading a free demo of a re-encode software program at http://www.tmpgenc.net. However, I tried that, and I could not get that to work. (Plus, I found that to be extremely cumbersome with way too many steps required).


Thanks in advance

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