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Problem Trying To Make A Copy Of A Dl Dvd Using Mydvd



Hope someone can help me. My roomate was trying to use his computer to try and copy a DL movie dvd his sister had professionaly made of family events using MyDVD Lab. But everytime he tries to make a copy he gets errored out at the half way point. I've checked and even tho the disc was professionally made it doesnt have any copy protection, which was my first thought, so I'm at a loss


He runs MyDVD and selects the copy disc option it seems to copy the disc fine but then when it starts burning at the half way point, where the layer change takes place I'm assuming, he gets the following error mssg:


"D:TSST corp CDDVDW SH-S202H ("Write error - Medium Error."[03/0C/00])"


Any suggestions what he is doing wrong or how to deal with the problem. Seems to me its having some sort of hickup at the layer change and Im not sure how to fix it for him. Of course he expects me to pull the solution out of thin air which is annoying.

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