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Toast 6.0.7 Error -5000




I have been using Toast 6.0.7 for a long time for burning DATA on DVD-R with no problem on a G5/1.87GHz/1GB RAM/OSX 10.3.9.


Recently, I upgraded to OSX 10.4.11 and I got this problem:


"The file ".DS_Store" could not be accessed. (Data fork, -5000)"


Couldn't complete the last command because you don't have the required access permissions.

Result code = -5000


Please help


Thanks a million and Merry Christmas!

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The first thing I'd try is downloading and installing the Toast 6.1.1 update.


The .DS_Store files are invisible files created by the Mac OS to remember the appearance of windows in the Finder. I don't know enough about the difference between OS 10.3.x and 10.4.x to suggest that the permissions are being handled differently. Have you chosen to rebuild permissions in Disk Utility since upgrading to 10.4?

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