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Mpeg-2 Error



I have used this product numerous times. I burnt two different DVD movies last week without any trouble. Now I am trying to re-burn the DVD's and I get and error that states:


following codec(s) must be activated before using MPEG-2 application. So I follow the onscreen prompts to activate. Then I get an invalid product key error.


Then I tried to follow the other instructions from the tech support online. Then I get another error

ERR_ACTIVATION_INVALID_PK . I can't activate and I don't feel that I should have to pay $1.89 per minute for a technical support person to walk me through everything I already did.


I even had my personal computer guy come to my house to see if he could fix it. I thought maybe it was something internal on my computer causing the issue. He told me that this is Roxios issue and I should check with them.


Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I did also open a trouble ticket but sometimes discussions are quicker and figuring out the problem. I am trying to burn scrapbook movies that I made for Christmas gifts and I am really starting to get worried. Thanks again

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Hello Photomom,


I'm afraid I know nothing about MPEG activation, so I can't help you with the actual problem myself.


However, this Easy CD and DVD burning software is a cut-down version of Easy Media Creator 9, and they have a specific forum for EMC 9 activation problems. You can find it by looking through the forum list for Legacy Programs, or you can go straight to it by clicking HERE.


You might well find a solution by reading the posts in that forum, but if not you should post a new one in there, asking for help. You are much more likely to find someone who can help you there. If you have Easy CD and DVD burning, your version is 9.0.554. I don't mind if you say I sent you, but if they start throwing bricks at you just pretend you don't know me. :lol:


Best of luck,


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