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Creator 2009 - "clean Install?"




Questions that came to mind while I was researching through our forums and Googling.


I noticed that the "clean install" instructions are reallly a "Clean uninstall for Creator 2009 on Windows XP" instructions.


Minor detail but confusing - in a "Clean Install writeup there is only one line in the entire writeup speaks of installing - the VERY LAST LINE!!!


"8 Restart the computer then reinstall Easy Media Creator."


What's with that? With all the installation problems being addressed after the fact right here about DLLS from Vista. .NeT 3.5, and such. it really makes sense that they rename the writeeup and incorporate the forum's tips and tricks for a real "Clean Install" writeup.





Best regards,

ChuckGenr, CISSP, CISM


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You're right about the name.


We always used to call the process a 'Clean Uninstall' but about the time of some of the staff changes and company takeovers someone came along and named that KnowledgeBase article 'Clean Install'.


Sure, the name's wrong but I can't see any point in getting my toga in a twist about that. I'd much rather the Sonic people spent all their energy fixing important things like the installer routines, than trolling around fixing odd names. :lol:


Wouldn't you?


Best regards,


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Nothing wrong with the name, just the way you look at it…


If you read any repair manual about installing a wheel bearing it starts out by describing the removal of the tire & wheel. Last thing it says is to reinstall the tire & wheel.


By your logic the whole wheel bearing chapter should be called Reinstall Tire & Wheel


And if that confuses you, then… never mind :lol:


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