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Toast 9 Error Messages



Hi all,


I was reading on how people were having issues with Memorex discs I was using Memorex DVD-R. They seemed to be working fine. Yesterday I needed new discs so I purchased Sony DVD-R. it might just be coincidence but the first Sony disc I used I got an error message saying verification failed. sector 1743968 is unreadable. This disc ejected but when I looked at it it seemed all the info was on the disc. I tried another disc to copy for my folks and I got the same error message at the same spot it was at 76% when it stopped.


That was it for yesterday I decided maybe my Mac needed a break. This morning I received a different error message while it was writing the disc at about 30% I got a hardware error message. My question i guess is could it be the Sony discs? I hate to keep wasting them and if I should try picking up a different brand to see if I still get the error messages?


Mac OS X 10.5.5 and using Toast 9.0.4


Thanks and sorry to be long winded here.



**** I found a blank memorex dvd which worked. I will now try one of the ones that didn't work with Sony and see what happens.


***** Ok, The Memorex disc worked fine no errors at all. I then tried another one where I had the hardware error message and that file copied without an issue as well.


Is it possible that the 100 spindle of Sony discs are bad? I have tried 10 of them so far and with each one I received an error message. If they are bad can they be returned?

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They should be able to be returned. I'm presuming Sony provides some kind of warranty on their product and that the store will accept return of defective merchandise.


There is a way to check what others users are experiencing with specific media. Insert a blank DVD and choose Disc Info from Toast's Recorder menu. In a window that appears there is a hotlink that takes you to a Web site where users submit reports on specific media by manufacturer code.


I recommend Verbatim media. Also, if you have anything critical burned to the Memorex discs (such as your photo backups) I suggest making an additional copy to a different brand. My brother discovered that many of his older burned DVDs won't mount and I spent a lot of time trying to recover their contents. Some I couldn't salvage. So it isn't just a matter of does the disc burn now, but will it last.

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