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Mydvd Menu Display Problem



I have a fresh install of Creator 2009 on Vista Home Premium. When I try to make a simple DVD with a menu, everything works, but the menu is stretched, so I cannot really see much. All functions (add text, change attributes etc work), but everything is mostly outside my view field.


The same with preview.


When I try to "burn", the menu which is now visible in the background is Ok (not stretched).


The resulting DVD is also fine. However, this problem makes it impossible to work with the menu.


My display is set to normal 96 DPI.


I have Core2 Quad Pentium with 2 500 Gb drives, 4 Gb memory and NVidia GeForce 8500 GT. 32 bit Vista Home Premium SP1

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Thanks for the idea about drivers. I have nearly the same machine as the original writer. Nvidia 8500GT driver for a 22" monitor at 1680x1050. Has the exact same problem. Based on your advice, I went to NVIDIA.COM, found a new driver (Oct 2008), installed it and now the menu is fine. Also corrected a problem I had with the previw. Thanks.

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Hi Everybody,


Thanks for replying. First, I checked the drivers and they were up-to-date. Still, I realized that the driver settings could be a problem. In NVidia control panel, there are 3D settings (topmost) with "Adjust 3D settings with preview" as first menu item. There you have 3 choices. Mine was "Use my preference, emphasizing Quality" (I probably changed that a while ago). When I checked "Let the 3D Application Decide", myDVD now shows everything correctly.


I guess when DBA has re-installed the drivers, it simply reverted setting to defaults.


Thanks for your help!



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Check your desktop settings - maybe change them to 1024 x 768 and see if that improved it (or any other setting.


It's possible that you have set up for wide screen on a 4:3 monitor


My settings are 1920 x 1080 and I really don't want to change that (I have a 47" monitor). The thing is that previous version of mydvd worked just fine!


Here is the snapshot of what I currently have:



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That's 16:9 in what looks like a 4:3 setting - try diffeerent settings and find one that works


Also there should be a setting in MyDVD to control aspect ratio


You're probably right, but what settings are you referring to exactly? There are not too many places to change in mydvd. My TV is 16:9 and so all my projects.


thanks for replying.

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Set up your input file in Videowave as 16:3 and export that to MyDVD - that might help.


Then you can add a menu (even make one of your own if you have a short clip)


sorry, but it has nothing to do with the input files. This is the way standard menus appear without anything added. When I add video files, it does not change anything.

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