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AVI to DVD audio problems -- am I on the right track?



This is a question I've just posted on the Toast 6 forum, but I suspect it's a noobie issue that many of you have already confronted and resolved -- and since many more people read this forum -- here's my appeal for help:


I burned my first AVI to DVD yesterday using Toast 6 (I'm running OSX 10.3.9, but since I'm using a G3 I can't upgrade to Toast 7 :huh: ). The process of creating the video DVD is simple enough, and after the expected lengthy encoding process I got a disc with perfect video playback but no audio -- not entirely surprisingly, as I've read about the audio encoding difficulties with AVIs. I'm mostly talking about torrented AVIs that I usually watch on my computer with VLC. My goal, obviously, is to create stand-alone DVDs.


What's the easiest solution to this problem? Some of the articles I've read on-line have suggested simply getting the DivX 6 Decoder compenent and dropping it into my Quicktime Library; others have suggested doing the same with the AC3 Codec; and still others have suggested using ffmpegX, although this seems to have the steepest learning curve. Is there a relatively straightforward way of doing this that won't require me learning about bitrate settings and other technical details until I have the basics down? I understand that Toast 7 can automatically handle some of these coding questions, but until I upgrade to a newer Mac, I'm pretty much stuck with Toast 6.


Any help appreciated! :)

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