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I have a single video clip I would like to edit by deleting some scenes. I need to split the video into smaller sections and believe it is done with manual scene detection. I have looked at the 2 entires on manual scene detection, but must be missing something, as I opened VideoWave and added the captured video to the storyline. and switched to time line. Moved the slider to the spot to cut the video, see no double headed arrow but then what? If I right click on the clip cut and delte are greyed out. As you can tell I am really new at this, and Roxio help is no help. Just downloaded EMC8 last week. Can anyone give me the simple steps?


Tried the other method (post of mar 15) of manual scene detection by selecting Media Selector and then going to Scene Detection window. The auto scene detection did nothing at any sensitivity setting. AND I can see no icon for Add Scene when I tried the instructions for manual scene detection. I want to split the video as insturctions say, but what am I missing?

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