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Burn Using Video Copy & Convert



I cannot sucessfully burn a Creator 10 Video Wave Video project to a DVD or a hard (NTSF) drive that is in excess of about 3-4 gig using Video Copy & Convert (Video Compilation).


During the burn the system locks up at anywhere between 3% and 96%


No problem burning combinations on my files just not in excess of about 3-4 gig totals.


Project Notes:

1 Using Windows XP with two gigs memory

2 Hard drives: software is install on has 20 gig available hard drive with project on it has over 200 gig available.

3 My Video Wave project is 9 files nearly 7 gig in size total

4 Trying to burning to either Double Layer DVD+R DL or the (NTSF) hard drive with 200 gig available

5 Using a new Sony RW DVD Drive/Burner

6 Vertually all other sofware on my computer is shut down



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Couple of points


Rendering needs at least the same amount of disk space as the final output and that will be saved on your existing 20 GB drive - it's possible that you are running out of space and not letting the temp files be written. Also, if your 20 GB is formatted to FAT32, then you also run into the file size limitation


Also, your graphics card is utilised during render - what model graphics do you have? Some onboard graphics simply can't handle the processing used for render

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