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Toast 7 Disabling UOP's?!



**i posted this same post on the apple forum with no responses, so i figured that i would come straight to the source, has anyone else come across my issues**



So i came across something interesting today...


i completed a DVD-9 for a client and they requested a check disc - pre glass master.


naturally i used Toast 7. usually when i burn a DVD-5 i use the data tab with the UDF option checked and never had any type of problems. today however, i needed to burn a dvd-5 and used the video tab's "burn from a VIDEO_TS" option with the "compress if necassary" checked on.


nothing out of the ordinary happened, the disc played, everything was fine.


then i received the QC report, AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!


all UOP's and some of scripts were not functioning correctly and my end actions in video were not jumping to the right menu buttons.


i thought maybe my project became corrupt, since it was pretty intense, so i rebuilt it from scratch.


same outcome when compressed using Toast 7 "burn from a Video_TS" option.


so i decided to to elimanate some video clips to make my project a DVD-5 and i burned using my Data > UDF option and everything worked! WTH!


of course, when i emulated from Apple Player and Simulator, everything worked fine. it was the burned disc that was the problem.


i first noticed something was wrong when the "Burn from the Video_TS" disregarded my JACKET_P from my original Disc Root. Once again, the SAME client noticed this!


so to sum it all up:


Video tab > "Burn from VIDEO_TS" disregards:



and some scripts (i have not checked for consistency, but i didnt notice a pattern of which it disregards)


i wonder what happens with ROM data?


by the way, i checked to see if anywhere there was the option in Toast 7 to actually disable certain things, NOPE!


this is off topic, but i emailed Roxio and wondered if they could (in their next major upgrade) actually let the user decided what VTS can be compressed, since it seems to do it to the largest VTS. sometimes, my project is minimally over (< 20megs but never > 200 [since sometimes clients love to add content the last minute]). in these instances, i would much rather compress the less important content (like bonus features) rather than the feature.


one thing i am unaware of though, does it compress only the video, or also the audio?


i guess just have more control over programs such as Popcorn, Toast 7 and similar programs.


anyway, this was information i thought i would share with you all :)


Mikey :huh:

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