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Newbie To Roxio Creator 2009



I need help with Roxio Creator 2009.


I have transferred several TiVo programs to my PC and now I want to cut out the commercials and burn the programs to DVDs. It is my understanding that this program is designed to do this.


I understand that I use videowave in the advanced video section of Roxio Creator to do this. Is this correct?


Then I click on media selector to locate my TiVo recording. I click on the first video and it shows up (eventually) in the preview screen. Is this correct?


I then play the program for a bit until I get the place where I make want to make my first cut. I pause the video and click on the “cut” icon….the pair of scissors. This opens up the “trim movie” window. I click on “start point) or whatever it is and the part at the beginning of the movie is then cut out and I am at the correct start point.


Now I advance the program using the “play” button until I get to the sport where I want to make my next cut. Again the “trim movie” window opens and I am only given the option for a start and end point to the movie!! What am I missing?


I don’t want to trim the movie!!! I want to cut out the commercials and some other material that I don’t want to keep.


How do I select the commercial and delete it?


I wish to use the story line thumbnails, NOT the timeline. I want each scene to show up as a thumbnail. I do NOT want any transitions but they seem to be permanent. I want the finished product to be one long continuous program without commercials or transitions.


I also want to be able to rearrange the scenes. For example, I am working with Dancing with the Stars and I want to be able to put all of each performers dances in a sequence, so that I have all of Lance Bass together; all of Susan Lucci together; and so on. The drag and drop function seems to be lacking. I tried to drag mu TiVo recording to the preview window but it doesn’t work that way apparently.


I seem to remember that when I saw a similar Roxio program at CES last year, it did not allow for the scenes to be rearranged. If this is the case, then I cannot use this program.


I have had experience with Pinnacle Studio 8 video editing program but this does not act like that.


I need someone to give me a “laundry list” of steps so that I can accomplish this “production”. Pretend that I am 7 years old and you are teaching me how to do this. The user’s manual is less that helpful in this regard.


If anyone out there has strong experience in Roxio Creator 2009 doing what I want to do with it, I want to hear from you. I would like to sit down with someone (or spend time on the phone) who is experienced and who is willing and able to help me and walk me through the entire process. I would, of course, pay you for your time. I am in Phoenix, Arizona.


Thank you.






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You should to be in Timeline view, to trim out your commercials. I don't use the trim icons. I move the "scrubber", to the frame where I want to start deleting the commercial. I then right click on the video, and click on Split. I then move to the end of the commercial, or whatever you want to cut out, and repeat the right click. I then highlight the portion, between the splits, right click on it, and select Delete. Poof, it's gone.

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