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Hdr-cx12 Sound And Video Length Problem



Hello...I have been using Creator 2009 for about 1 1/2 weeks now so I am new. I am having the following problem:


I have a Sony HDR-CX12 (AVCHD which records on a memory stick).


1. When I take the memory stick and put it into my brand new Sony desktop PC, I use Roxio Creator 2009 to import the videos from the memory stick. It works great EXCEPT the first file called MTS0000 always does not have the sound. The other videos after this file have sound and work perfectly.


When I put the memory stick back into my HDR-CX12 camcorder, it plays fine with sound. It also plays fine on our TV.


2. I thought that maybe if I transfer that file directly from the camcorder onto a DVD might help and then I would import from the DVD onto my PC. However, when I import the .TS or VOB files, the file seems to import fine. But when I play it using the Windows Media Player, the video does have the sound and looks great EXCEPT it ends after 1 minute! (The video is 5 minutes long).


When I play the DVD, it plays the whole 5 minute video just fine both on my TV and the computer.


Please help me with this issue as it is driving me crazy...

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I tried using the software that came with the camcorder to convert the video to an editable format...and it worked--sound and all! Too bad I can't do it all on one software, but I am so relieved it works. I then used Creator 9 to do my edits. Thanks for the suggestion...no more hair pulling :) Merry Christmas!

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