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Conflict....cd/software Win98se


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I just installed an IDE 5224 cd burner. (52x24x52) from Top G(Top Glory Electronics....Dong Guan Co., Ltd). I have installed LG software...Adaptec ECDC 4.03C.S12/Direct CD 3.03C.s12.(EasyCD Creator) When I try to burn a CD I get "There are no CD recorders available. Ensure that your CD recorder is powered on and all cables are connected. You may also need to update EasyCD creator to recognize your recorder." I checked all my connections and they're ok. I was sent to Roxio but could not find the updates I need there. I must be on the wrong track I DO realize that I am trying to mix 98 technology(win98se) with 2001 software on a 2004 CD Burner, (mixing water with oil) but if we can pull this off...I will finally have all I want in a computer without spending my last buck> Please help. Stevo

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It's probable that your drive is just too new for the database in ECD 4 to recognise it. Later versions of ECD and EMC used a dynamic detection where the drive reported itself to the OS and that picked up, but older versions needsd an entry in the databse to do that.


Roxio wouldn't have an updated file (it is seven versions back from current)


Also, if you are using an OEM version (one that came with the LiteOn drive) it could be set so that it only works with that particular drive

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Your writer is much too new for that software. The first software which supported the CDWRITER IDE 5224 was version 5.3.2 of Easy CD Creator. You need to obtain ECDC version 5 or better.


There are no updates for ECDC 4 available from Roxio, and even if there were they would only take you up to a higher version 4.




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