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Mp3 Batch Convert? Video Cutting?



I was thinking of picking up Toast for 2 things:


1. Can i batch process MP3's? I have a hard drive that has 1000's of MP3's stored at 320kps and want to batch convert them to 96kps while keeping folders and tags intact. Can Toast 9 do this?


2. I have been recording pop videos off TV and have a single large file. Can i import this file and select just the video i want and have it be saved as its own file (preferably m4v)?

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Toast does not have an MP3 encoder so it won't do the first item. If you wanted it in AAC, Ogg Vorbis or FLAC then Toast can do batch encoding. If you want a good-quality freeware MP3 batch encoder go to www.panic.com/audion and get Audion 3.


The second one depends on what format the video is currently. With some formats Toast allows selecting in and out points to convert just the portion you want. What format are you using to record your TV programs?

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