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Wont Play In Dvd Player



Ok so yesterday i received my order of 50 memorex 8.5gb dvd's. When i tryed burning them i got the sense key error. After doing research i found alot of people saying these memorex disks are ^#!&. In anycase I put in a lens cleaner and for the most part everything has been going smooth and I dont get the errors anymore. Now that im getting completed disks out of my laptop they WILL NOT play in a dvd player... I did happen to notice when i drag the files into the dvd menue instead of the ts_folder i get a message saying that they are in pal or ntsc (whichever isnt the normal) Does this matter? Ive burned disks this method before with no problems..it just started with these disks and from this batch too. The packaging of these disks was purple. A few months ago i bought memorex 8.5gb disks in a hard case from a computer store which worked flawlessly. With the new batch i had to install the latest mac os x update and update toast just so toast could see the disk. When i burn disks that fit on the 4.7 gb disks everything works as usual. Oh and with those old disks i have everything on the disk was one solid color, these disks have a lighter color for about a centimeter then it goes to the normal color..PLEASE HELP!! Im using Toast 9 titanium too. Ok now i just tested one of the dvds in my laptop that burned them and it had a hard time even opening, once opened it was very glitchy like a slow loading youtube video. And yes ive burned at the slower speeds even 1x and 2x


Ok so besides that why do the 4.7 memorex disks work?

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First mistake '50 memorex 8.5gb dvd's' made by Ritek...


Second ' I put in a lens cleaner'


Only DL disc to buy is Verbatim +R DL...


No DVD manufacturer recommends a disc cleaner, it can damage the drive..



yeah yeah well now i know. I ordered 20 verbatum disks from newegg.com was that the way to go? The odds of them working are very good?

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I did happen to notice when i drag the files into the dvd menue instead of the ts_folder i get a message saying that they are in pal or ntsc (whichever isnt the normal) Does this matter?

Yes this matters a lot. Unless you have a DVD player that is made to use both PAL and NTSC DVDs then your player can only play the one that is correct for the system in your country. Presuming you're in North America, your DVD player probably can only play NTSC DVDs. Toast describes the video format in the text that appears in the window along with the other specs.


If you have a PAL source and want it to play on an NTSC DVD player then you need to use the Toast Media Browser to extract the MPEG video files from the DVD (or the VIDEO_TS folder). Select DVD video in the Video window as the format. Choose DVD with the top button of the Media Browser and insert the DVD (or place the VIDEO_TS folder on the desktop). Double-click on what appears in the browser window and drag the titles you want to the Video window. When Toast finishes extracting the video proceed with preparing the menu the way you want. Choose Save as Disc Image. Toast will ask if you really want to convert it to NTSC (presuming you have NTSC selected as your format in Toast Preferences). Click OK. When the video is finished being converted you can burn the disc image file using the Image File setting in the Toast Copy window.

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