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I hijacked a thread !



You can have two buttons that point to the same file. here is what I do:

Add your VW project.

COPY that button to the clipboard.

Move the first button up

Paste the button back.

Rename the first one PLAY VIDEO

Rename the second one SELECT SCENES

Right click on the second one and then set your chapter marks.




I have vacation videos and have made each occasion a separate movie. I would like to give the viewer the choice of watching all them or choosing just the one they want to watch. I don't have a problem being able to do this. I just don't like that I can't control what happens when each movie ends.


I have been able to get all the movies to play by doing one of two things. Using VideoWave to join them and then create chapters for each individual movie or by adding each movie to MyDVD and selecting "Play movie and all remaining movies in project" from Project Settings.


It makes sense to me that when the Chapter method is used, after each chapter is finished the next would start. This is the way commercial DVD work. When using individual movies method, the only way to get all the videos to play is selecting the radio button in the project setting or choosing the next movie in the "After Playing" pull down box for each movie on it's button link.


I would just like to be able to play all the movies or choose which one I want and have it return to the menu of my choice when done. It's a minor thing that probably only I will notice but I feel it's that it's the only thing stopping me from making truly professional behaving DVDs. Any help on how to pull this off or if it is even possible with this software would be appreciated.


Thanks Larken

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I figured it out.


I created new project first


I then added an unlinked button. (So it would be default button)


Then I added a new sub menu


To this sub menu I added all the move movies


I then renamed the unlinked button to "Play All" and under the settings for the button I chose "All movies in Project" for the Go to link.


Works perfect.

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