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Troubleshoot: Burning 2 Movies To 1 Dvd Using Toast



Hi all!


I'm trying to put 2 full movie files (MP4's, total running time just under 4 hours) onto 1 DVD player-friendly DVD using Toast 7 Titanium. I thought the handy "Fit-to-DVD video compression" option would make this easy, but no luck.


Note: Running Mac OS X 10.4.11


Steps I took:


(1) In the Toast video tab, I dropped in my 2 files. Selected the DVD-Video option on the left panel.

(2) Then I created a disk image (just under 6GBs on my hard drive).

(3) I dragged the disk image into Toast under the copy tab and checked the box for "Fit-to-DVD video compression".

(4) Inserted standard blank DVD and hit burn. Got the standard error message that there is not enough space on the disc.


Did "Fit-to-DVD video compression" not do it's job here?

Is there another step I must take?


From Googling, I've discovered that a lot of people have good luck with "Fit-to-DVD video compression" when burning from a VIDEO_TS folder in video tab on Toast.


Of course, I do not have a VIDEO_TS folder for these 2 files, as they were encoded using Handbrake.


Any suggestions would be appreciated!



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I think the problem is that Toast's Fit-to-DVD cannot fit that much video to a single-layer disc. I believe the maximum Toast fits to a single-layer disc is about 3-1/2 hours of video.


The process you followed is correct. It won't make any difference if the source is a VIDEO_TS folder on the hard drive or the VIDEO_TS folder that's inside the disc image.

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