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Determining Serial Number of CD Before Burning

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I wrote a small Windows software program, which I want to burn onto CD's and sell. However, for security purposes, I want my software to be aware of the serial number of the CD, so it will detect it during installation and stop if it's being installed from a bootleg copy.


On a brand new CD-R, the serial number is 0000-0000; however, by the time it's burned, it has acquired a serial number. And once it's burned, that's it, right? Or is there a way that the software burned onto the CD can "know" the serial number of the CD?

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I don't think you're onto a winner here.


To make your system work, you're going to have to:

-be able to specify a serial number when the CD is burned

-have your software test for that specific serial number, and throw an error if it doesn't find the right number.

-have a feature which will defeat disc duplication.


I've just been trolling round in version 4, and can't find a way to specify the serial number of a CD you're going to create.


However that's not really important, because even if you find a way to do that, almost any of the disc copiers "out there" will duplicate a standard CD together with its serial number without batting an eyelid. Any copies made would have the same serial, and your efforts would be for nothing.


I think it's time to go back to the drawing board, sorry.

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