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Is Toast Titanium 8 Compatible With The Latest Macbook Pro?



I have a brand new MacBook Pro late 2008 (unibody), and I'm having trouble burning a video DVD. The compression phase works just fine, but then when it gets to the point of burning the disk, it stays forever at "Preparing ... Remaining 00:51". I rebooted and tried a new DVD, to no avail. There are no errors in the system or console logs.


Does TT 8.0.4 work with the latest MBPs?

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Toast 8 does not work with the new MacBooks and Pros. Roxio posted that they are looking into it (it also affects Popcorn 3). They haven't specifically said they will issue an update to fix it but hopefully that is their plan. Toast 9 does work.


Something you can try is choose Save as Disc Image with Toast and then change the .toast extension to .dmg and burn with Disk Utility. I haven't heard if that works but I believe it should.

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