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No Way To Preview Songs



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Not a good answer. All older versions gave you an audio player to preview them once you select them. I f I do a bunch of songs and need to delete some from the project I cant preview them to know which ones to remove


Burn Audio CD is a stripped out Sonic program. Use Music Disc Creator (Create Music Disc Projects).


Once you add your songs, highlight one, and play it with the controls below the box that the songs are in.


If you want to delete a song, click on the Remove button, above right, on the screen.

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Not a good answer.


What sort of answer do you want? A good one or an accurate one ??


This stripped down "simplified" Sonic program doesn't do what you want, I'm afraid. Take GrandpaBruce's advice and run Music Disc Creator.






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In Music Disc Creator when you choose your tracks to add you choose from Media Selector.This box,whether it's attached to the main window or not has the preview controls in it.You don't need to add them first.They can be previewed before they are added to the project.


If you don't want to use MDC like Bruce said then sorry.

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