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Toast 9

Rene Muller


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Can someone help me with a good userguide for Toast 9?

The userguide that goes with the disc inthe box is very general.




When you have Toast 9 open, click on the help icon (a "?" sign located in the top right corner of the open applicaiton). This opens a 144-page User Guide that contains more detailed information on many Toast operations. I don't know if your specific issues regarding subtitles are addressed by the guide.


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That's the only printed user's guide. There are links to some tutorials at the top of this forum. What is it you want to do?

Hi tsantee,

thanks. I understand that there are some tutorials, but I would like to learn most of the poss. with Toast 9. e.g. I had to find out myself how to burn video with seperate subtitles. It took some time to find out that I had to drag avi and srt files to DVD-ROM (UDF) and burn it on CD (max. 700 mb) But to burn on dvd disc -with- subtitles and other functions I still don't know. Thx. Rene


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Subtitles are something I know very little about. I'm not sure that Toast can add subtitles when it has to encode the video as part of making a video DVD. You may need to use ffmpegX or something else to author the VIDEO_TS. If you do learn some good Toast techniques I welcome you as a contributor to the forum to help others.

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