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[color="#ff0000"]avi To Mpeg2 Conversion Still Too Large For Dvd![/color]



sorry, im a newbie so this may be elemenatry to most but plz help me!!


i just purchased and installed roxio creator 2009 and everything went great! i have alotta videos on my computer in which i would like to burn to dvd and watch on my tv.


my first one i converted was an mpeg4 in which roxio converted to mpeg2 and the size looks fine, and the convert went well, i havent burn it to disk to check it out yet tho. my next one i tried to convert was avi, which i also converted to mpeg2. however, this file converted larger than my dvd size! my dvd only holds 4.7g but the video came out to 5g! what did i do wrong? and what can i do to fix the problem?


p.s. i have alotta video on my computer as i stated so all help will be needed for me to learn all the technicalities of video! but unless i do get help, i will continue converting ALL my videos to mpeg2, than burn, and hope and pray all works out well! and whichever ones dont, i guess im outta luck! lol


plz help, thx



***sorry bout the mess inmy topic!! im a newbie! lol i dont know how to delete the topic and redo it!

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Whjen rendering video - forget size and think time


A standard DVD will hold one hour of video at good quality.


.avi are compressed files - when you render those, they are like Topsy in that they just grows


ok thx alot, i appreciate that! and sorry "topsy" means? i guess what im sayin as well is, what is the best original files to convert from and to, so that i still have good quality without losing much, so ill know in the future? or jus continue what im doing and just convert EVERYTHING to mpeg2 and burn?


thx again, this is my final bother! lol

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Re Topsy - she's a character in Uncle Tom's Cabin and when asked who made her, she replied "I 'spect I just growed"


Mpeg are better for rendering - but only if they are original mpeg. Avi files need converted and EMC does that conversion, so there's no need to convert first (it won't make any difference to the final output) but you won't gain in quality


As I said, the crunch factor in making a DVD is the duration in time and once they start exceeding an hour for a single layer disc, the quality will drop.


Rule of thumb for avi conversion rate - expect at least the full time duration of the original, plus anything up to 50%


The graphics card and L2 cache on the CPU affect that - the better card and the more L2 cache, the faster it will work. As the suite isn't optimised for multi-core, dual or quad CPUs won't make any diffrence to the time required




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