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Riaa Drops Mass Lawsuits, Recruits Isps To Crack The Whip


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The Recording Industry Association of America has thrown in the towel and decided to stop going after music pirates on the Internet. That’s not exactly the case.


Instead, the RIAA is teaming up with Internet Service Providers to identify and, potentially, blacklist offenders from obtaining an Internet connection in the future.


Still, something stinks when the ISP that I pay every month suddenly turns on me and climbs into bed with the RIAA. It’s an ISP, not an ISI (Internet Service Informant). And the idea that ISPs would agree to take action - first, by reducing the customer’s bandwidth and eventually discontinuing service and potentially blacklisting the customer - based on an allegation by the RIAA is deeply troubling. Cindy Cohn, legal director for the Electronic Frontier Foundation tells CNET:

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