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Dvd Can't Be 'seen' On Another Computer



it all started last year. i had SonicRecordNow on my laptop and i could create CD's and DVD's. i could look at them on my laptop AND on my desktop.


then last winter, i 'upgraded' to SonicDigitalMedia on my laptop (but not on the desktop). when i created a CD or DVD on the laptop, i could look at it there, but when i tried to view the CD or DVD on the desktop, the computer didn't even recognize that there was something in the drive! i was using both HP and memorex CD-R and memorex DVD-R. since i was traveling a lot, i didn't have time to followup on the problem.


after i got home, i fiddled with it again, with the same result. so, i bought RoxioEasyCD&DVD. i had exactly the same results! i checked out the driver for the laptop DVD writer and there was an upgrade, so i did install it. now i can 'see' contents of a CD on the desktop, BUT the DVD isn't recognized.


what can i do now?

thanks for any help.

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