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Random "freezes" During Playback





I am new to Roxio and just burned my first couple of DVDs. During playback on my TV, I get frequent freezes" I just puch FF once on my DVD player and it skips over it and continues, but it is annoying. Is this likely to be a problem with my DVDs, or someting in the burning?


I am using Memorex DVD-R disks, and burning them in a JVC Everio burner. I have used these same discs and burned to burn straight from my HD camcorder with no problem. The camcorder is a JVC GZ-MG505U. I record straight to the HD on the camcorder, no memory card.


I originally transferred the files to my PC using the software that came with the camcorder - which was CyberLink. I am pulling those files to edit with Roxio.


Should I re-download from my camcorder using Roxio? Will that make a difference?


Thanks for any help or suggestions --

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