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Won't Play



Ok, this is a first for me. I've tried multiple DVD brands, and each brand gives me the same problem.


Ok, I've recorded a bunch of music videos over the past few weeks. I've edited them all in Videowave, and exported them into MPEG-2, For DVD format. As proven, when I try burning them to a DVD with Creator 2009's MyDVD, and it says encoding the video, all my videos encode very quickly (like, 5 seconds), because they're already encoded for DVD. So, everything's going great...right?


Nope. It will burn just fine, no problem whatsoever. But I've tried playing it back in two PS2's, a PS3, and 2 DVD players, and finally, my computer. It refuses to play as a DVD at all. It just opens as a folder, as if it were a data DVD. It has a folder titled, "VIDEO_TS", with a bunch of ".BUP", ".VOB", and ".IFO" files, and a file called "ROXIOPLASMA". But nothing will play, and the files can't be copied to the computer, because "Cannot read from the source file or disk." And each file in the VIDEO_TS folder, and the ROXIOPLASMA file, are 0 bytes in size.


I've burnt many videos onto DVD's in my time, but this is a first.


As a side note, two weeks ago, I burnt 2 music videos, as a test of MyDVD when I first bought it. And they burned fine, no problem. And played back fine. So why would it fail now?

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That is the correct structure for a DVD Movie. Could be your Burning is failing.


Got an RW? Open MyDVD add 2 still pictures and burn it.


Does it work? – RW's are the hardest to burn so that will put the DVD burning Laser to test. – it uses a different laser for CDs and both actually change power settings for the media inserted.


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Ok, I went along with the Clean Installation procedure. I followed each and every step very carefully, to the letter. I triple checked every move I made, since I was also dealing with registry keys.


Now, I've got some seriously messed up problems all over the place. Disabling all the startup items went fine, but when I re-activated them after everything was done, everytime I boot up my computer, I get a Windows Installer for "trayapp" about 30 times. They pop up and vanish in the span of a second. Then I get a crapload of Windows configuring "Status" over and over. This in itself wouldn't be so bad. It ends about 2 minutes after I boot up the computer. I can live with that for now, until I fix it.


The real problem is, everytime I boot up the computer, it randomly, and completely inexplicably, shuts down. All open windows close, and it just shuts down, as if I told it to. Goes to the shut down screen, and down it goes. Well, actually, it's a restart, but still. It'll happen about 5 minutes after I boot up the comp, about.


Now, each time, it's been after I loaded MyDVD. Everything would be fine for about a minute, then it's all gone. I haven't tried letting it go without opening that program yet.


One thing I did get last time it shut down. Some error window. Something to do with, "HPQGPC01.exe" or something. Didn't get anything else before it shut down.


What the hell? It has to be Roxio, it started right after the install.


Edit: I've now had my computer on for over 2 hours, and everything was fine. Then I opened MyDVD, and everything went downhill from there.

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I don't have an RW, but I have a new symptom. I figured it might be my DVD drive. However, I didn't have time to troubleshoot it. I've been putting family video recordings/photos into a video, and I was going to give the video as a gift. So I needed it by Christmas - Today. So, no time for troubleshooting.


So, I borrowed my uncle's external DVD burner. I figured, my DVD drive won't work, his will. He's never had problems with it, and it burns pretty much any disc you can throw at it, except Blu-Ray. However, it's no good. Same problem. Shows the VIDEO_TS folder, with the files in it, but again, all the files have no bytes, and it won't playback.

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For the hell of it with a burned '0' bite disc in the drive, from the Roxio C2009 Home Page click, up top, tools, then click, get disc information. From the Inserted Disc, Disc Type, does it say DVD-Video? Same in the white window below, Disc Sessions and Tracks, does it show DVD + - R, Closed, DVD-Video? If not what does it say?



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