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Can't Capture Analog / Can Capture Digital



I cannot capture analog video but can capture digital video into the firewire port of the video capture card. I can see analog video on the capture screen and on the tuner screen but when I try to capture the video I get a popup box that says it cannot capture because I have insufficient hard drive space. I actually have over 1 TB of hard drive. This does not happen when I capture digitally. It shows the correct HD space. The card has been checked by HP for driver and hardware tests and they say it must be in the software. Can anyone help?

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Movie maker only captures DV. I tried two other capture programs downloaded from Inet. Neither would capture. But, I am not sure this really proved anything. The key to this is that the Roxio capture screen shows 0.0 GB of disc space when there is really 1.2 TB of space available.

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Hi Jim,


Thanks for the reply. HP says it is software related which is why I downloaded two demo pieces to try to prove them right or wrong. It seems I have proved them wrong.


Here is what is going on with the Roxio Capture. I can see disc space available on the screen of 1.2 TB when I am capturing DV from my camera. When I switch to analog composite or S-video and the built-in capture card analog inputs, I get 0.0 disc space available and Roxio will not capture because it says there is no disc space. I presume that the DV capture takes a different route to the HD and the analog capture goes through the video capture card.


This all points to the capture card, but HP swears it is software (perhaps to get me off their back).


I am using Vista Premium Home with Roxio Media Creator 10.1.


Thanks again,



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