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Only 5.62 Gb Available On New Blank Dvd+r Dl Media





I tried searching for this but apparently I am not doing something correct because I keep getting an error message when I attempt to search for DVD+R DL.




Seemingly out of the blue Toast 9 is reporting that there is only 5.62 GB available on new blank DVD+R DL media.


I find this on both Toast 8, Toast 9, on the internal drive on a PowerBook, on the internal drive of a MacBook Pro, and on a Lacie External drive. I am using Verbatim DVD+R DL. I tried 2 different Verbatim DVD+R DL and get the same results.....


When I use the "Disk Info" menu item, it reports 7.96 GB is available...


I have checked every setting I can think of...


I am running 10.5.5 and Toast 9.04


Up till this afternoon, I have not had any problems.... ??


A I being stupid?? Am I missing something??





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I actually tried trashing the prefs and restarting, however the problem persisted...


I seem to have solved the issue and have an idea what may have caused it ALTHOUGH I don't know how exactly it caused the problem....



I tried burning about 7GB to a DVD+R DL. Even though Toast indicated that there were only 5.62 GB available and that it would take approx 2 disks, it in fact ALL burned correctly to one DVD+R DL and after that Toast was again reporting the correct about of space available on a blank DVD+R DL.


I wonder if by some chance I had one bad piece of blank media that somehow caused Toast to report less than 7.96 GB available???? If that is the case, it would help to explain why I got the same issue on two different laptops running 2 different version of Toast, and 3 different dual layer drives. Originally, I tried the same piece of blank media in all those cases.. What I find interesting is that even when I tried other new blank media Toast was still showing the incorrect amount of space in the burn window BUT was showing the correct amount of space in the "Disc Info" window. Unfortunately I destroyed the original piece of blank media that may have been bad, so I can't try to recreate the conditions that led to the issue in the first place.


Does Roxio monitor these forums?? I would be curious if they have any thoughts???


In any event, all seems to be well for the moment...





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