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After EMC8 NEC drive will not read any CD media



After installing EMC8.05 my NEC ND-6750A drive installed in my Dell Inspiron 8000 (laptop) running XP Pro will not read any CD media under windows My Computer or Windows Explorer, when you double click on the drive it asks you to "Please insert a disk into drive D" the "Details" screen to the right shows "0kb".


In EMC8 the CD content shows up.


Strangely, it will read DVD's and will also burn both CD and DVD media but won't read the CD after a successful burn.


I am running Norton System Works 2005.

As per Roxio Knowledge Base I installed the "rxfix" to disable the RX Filter and rebooted: This didn't fix the problem.


I also installed the Sonic "pxengine1" Patch: no help here either.


Any ideas at this point would be greatly appreciated.

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I would suggest trying to uninstall the drive through Device Manager. Once you have uninstalled the drive, reboot your computer to allow Windows to reinstall the drive.




Thanks for the help.


Here's what I did to fix the problem:

Uninstalled EMC8 completely and cleaned up all Roxio entries with regedit then reinstalled the software leaving drag to disk and media manager off and all appears to be good now, must have had a bad initial install.

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