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Missing Transitions, Menu Styles And Other Features



After a clean re-install, many transitions and menu styles disappeared. Roxio's only suggestion was to install the updater file. Or to do another clean uninstall. The updater file failed to find the installation (Vista), although it worked previously with XP. Another meticulous clean re-install failed to restore the missing elements.


I installed EMC 9 on two computers, both running Vista from a single install file. I did not use the updater. Both machines had all the missing features until I re-installed it on my PC.


The missing features are still present on my laptop, but not after the re-install on the PC, which I use for creating fairly sophisticated video slide shows with a large monitor. It's illogical to me that the same file would not perform an identical re-install install. Re-imaging my hard disc would not be a welcome solution.


I create and distribute many of these, and value the missing elements a lot. It's apparently illogical that the same file fails to install what it originally installed. I would very much appreciate assistance in finding a solution.


Thanks for your suggestions.





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Install the Content disc.


I am using downloaded files, no disc. The "updater" file fails to find the original install in Vista, while it did not in XP.


But the point is that the single, install file included the missing transitions, menu styles, etc. on the original install, on two different computers. So the "Content disc" (which I don't have) would not seem to be a solution in any case. These elements disappeared after subsequent installs. This makes no sense to me.


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Some points regarding your post


Point 1: The download consisted of TWO files - one program, the second content


Point 2: Transitions, etc will also disappear (even with content installed) if you are running in software render


Point 3: The terms of the license state that it is only to be installed on ONE computer

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