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Loss Of 16:9 Aspect Ratio After Output To Avi File



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I tried several AVI outputs last night and didn't have an issue. Perhaps if you gave us more information. Step by step and the output settings you chose.



Okay. I retraced my steps and took a closer look. As I generally do with Videowave productions utilizing multiple effects and music, I broke this production up into parts. This one has three.


Each was created as a new production in 16:9 format. Those productions were saved to my hard drive as DV AVI files. When played on their own, they appear properly in the 16:9 frame.


I then started a new Videowave production, also in 16:9 format. This production consists of three panels -- parts 1, 2, and 3, the DV AVI files. But when I play in preview mode or play the output file, this production plays with a squished visual in a 16:9 frame, with black bars on each side.


Apparently, the problem occurs when creating my final file. Any ideas?



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Hmmmmmm..... shouldn't do that, but I'll do three short clips tomorrow or over the weekend to see if I can duplicate this. What was the final output file type?



Just did a quick test and worked fine. I created three separate 16:9 DV AVI clips. Then took those back into Videowave and output to DV AVI and MPEG 2. Both files played back 16:9 like they should.


Try again and this time add each DV AVI one at time. Each time checking the preview for each file.

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What is the source of the original file? If a camcorder, what brand/model?



Original file is a combination of still photos from my Kodak 5MP Easyshare camera, HD footage from my Canon HV30, and some captured footage from a DVD movie, DAY OF THE DOLPHIN. I began the Videowave project with the 16:9 setting, and adjusted cropping on all stills for montages to make sure the fit in the 16:9 frame. The HD footage was already in 16:9.

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