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Unspecified Error <>when Burning Dvd



Using Creator 2009 with Vista, when I try burning a DVD in the "video compilation" or even "DVD copy" routes, the process will complete itself, but then it will give me an Unspecified Error (0 x 15......) or some odd number. Upon trying the DVD then in a stand alone DVD player or even back in the PC, nothing can read the disk. Anyone have any thoughts as to what I can try or do differently. The project is a bit large and I was using a DVD+DL. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have a DL Burner? A regular burner can't burn to a DL disc.


Have you burned DVD's before?


As a test, open Creator Classic and put some files into a Data Project. Click Burn and set it to Test Only. (it won't actually write, but will go through all of the process). Try this with both a regular DVD as well as a DL.


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