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16:9 Avi Keeps Getting Converted To 4:3 When Added To Dvd Menu In Mydvd 10



Just bought a relatively inexpensive Insignia HD video recorder for the kids to mmake movies and put on a DvD. Problem is when they add the avi (1280X720) it shows up as wide screen on the folder menu (picking out the file) but if you preview or add it to the DvD menu it's converting it to 4:3 and the video becomes squeezed (everything looks taller). It seems to only be the case with these avi's.


I have the default movie in 16:9 and other movies I import seem to come in fine. Also, when I play the Insignia AVI's in Windows Media Player they are all fine in wide screen.


Any suggestions?



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How do you capture/import?


Where do these 'other movies' you capture/import come from?


There is info in the file that contains the ratio info and there are many devices out there that take shortcuts and ignore standards. So we need some mor info to help pin this down.


The other movies are from a Sanyo HD camera (H264). The file shows 1280X720 and works fine in Windows Media player. I also downloaded a trail version of Nero, and Sony DvD Architect and they work fine there (But I don't want to spend money on something I'm already supposed to have). For some reason MyDvD 10 want's to stretch them out in 4:3 mode instead of 16:9.

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