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Can I Save Files That Are Not Read-only Using V9?



Hi - sorry if this has been covered. The post related to the elimination of the Drag to Disc feature may have answered my question, but I'm not sure.


My grandfather's PC (which runs WinXP) has a DVD-RW drive, and he wants to use CD-RWs to back up Excel files. However, he also wants to be able to easily replace those files as he enters new data. Basically he wants to use the CD the same way he uses floppy disks.


I saved a file to the CD using Roxio Creator DE, which came installed on the computer. It saved as a read-only file, even though I used the option what would let me save additional files to the PC.


If he upgrades to Creator 2009, will that solve his problem? He is less PC savy that I am, so I need a simple solution. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Drag to Disc was removed from the full suite in v10


It's possibly the worst way anyone can back up data (its reliability is on a par with an igloo in the Sahara)


He best bet would be to forget using the optical drive and use a pen/thumb memory stick instead

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Ashb: just to keep you confused the answer is Yes & No :huh:


No: if you mean making the disc act like a shiny floppy…


Yes: if you mean being able to add/overwrite to the disc…


For the Yes part it is called Sessions and all version could always do that. XP & Vista will also do that as it is built into their OS.


However you cannot open a file from a disc (well it will open as Read Only) or save directly to the disc from within the program.


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