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Ripping A Captured Wav. File



Using Creator 2009, going to Music/Audio and then "Capture audio from sound card" under import and then, "capture from speakers'. I was able to download some music from Youtube. It went nicely to a folder as a wav. file and plays on the computer which is a newer Dell running Vista Business.

When I tried to rip it to MP3, the message is "file not supported". Can I assume that there is some sort of copy protect code written into the download or am I missing a step.

Thank you

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I think you're confusing Ripping and Converting.

Ripping is taking a track from a cd and getting it onto another device (PC).

Converting is taking one file format and changing it to another.


Now,are you using one of the apps that will let you Convert?


Try this:

Open the Home app,go to Music and Audio,Batch Convert and Transfer.This opens Roxio Audio Converter.

You should be able to accomplish your task from there.

If it still won't take the wav file then there's probably a problem with the file.

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