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A few gripes



I bought Popcorn 2 the morning it was announced, the features sounded great and most importantly, I figured the Universal Binary would scream. I've found this to be true in some cases, not true in others.


While speed for recompressing Video_TS folders is absolutely great (DL to DVD in about 15 minutes), any other compression leaves much to be desired. I was most excited about the ability to compress to H.264 (picking out single chapters with the ability to preview is great), but the H.264 encode speed is abysmal. I'm running an iMac 20 in 2.0ghz core duo with 1.5GB of RAM. I realize that Popcorn must be using the Apple H.264 encoder, but something needs to be done. A single 100 minute movie took over 7 hours to encode! The same movie with a two-pass H.264 encode (with all other settings the same) using Handbrake takes less than 90 minutes (and looks just as good). I bought Popcorn 2 primarily in hopes of a robust H.264 encoding solution, I could have continued to use Toast 7 for the Video_TS recompression. Roxio should consider adopting the ffmpeg h.264 encoder or something (anything) to get the speed up.


A second thing I've noticed is that Popcorn refuses to deal with some Video_TS folders that Toast 7 will handle fine. Any clue on why this would be?


All in all, Popcorn 2 was definitely worth the upgrade price, but I'm hoping an update will give it a little more in the speed department.

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7 hours seems a little strange. On my G5, it only takes an hour or two to compress to H.264. Popcorn just uses QT for H.264, and Apples H.264 is know to be slow. I'll give it a try on my Mac Mini Intel and see how it works.


As for the files not working. Popcorn 2 seems to be a little stricter then Toast 7 with some VIDEO_TS folders. This is usually because there was a problem ripping the files. Using the newest version of MTR may help.

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