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Easy Way To Burn Avchd To Blu-ray



Hi to all and a Happy New Year!

I am new to this so please bear with me. I have a Sony TG3E and a growing collection of AVCHD file's which I wish to transfer to Blu-Ray discs via my new Dell Studio XPS.

I purchased Roxio Creator 9 along wih the Blu-Ray/HD Download and followed what I hope to be simple insructions on how create a Blu-Ray with a simple menu.

The problem I am having is that when I try to ADD a NEW MOVIE by SELECTING ALL the files in the folder in Create DVD's Advance it is asking me to convert for editing each indvidual files of which there are lot's.

All I wish to do is transfer AVCHD to Blu-Ray unedited with simple Menu's!

Any help greatly appriciated after spending all this money!!

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I trust you have Creator 2009 and not V9 which has been out of productions for over a year :lol: (clown that assigns names should be wrapped in shrink wrap!)


Software cannot work with the files in their native format so it needs to convert them to work. It will put them back when it is done.


You also seem to think you are just dealing with "files"… You are not! You are creating a disc that has to be in a proper format in order for a Player to even recognize it.


Some Players will play raw files but they have to be a Data Disc and no menus. Can't have it both ways!


I hope you have some RE discs on hand to play with or you will end up with some expensive coasters for your furniture. :rolleyes:


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Thanks Jim for the insight into which has already got got me confused as to start asking questions to those who are well read on the subject.


The version I am using is Roxio Creator 2009 purchased 3 Days ago, the player I intend on playing the disc's is a Sony BDP-S550 which reads the AVCHD format (Have successfully transfered AVCHD to DVD)but I unfortunatly have purchased Sony BD-R DL Discs


So what is the easiest solution to convert the AVCHD original to Blu-Ray as to not make to many coasters!!


Again Thanks

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There is only one software that I know that edits AVCHD natively and that's the software that came with the camcorder (Sony Motion Picture Browser). Technically it doesn't really do much editing and I haven't played with that software enough to know about it's burning ability.


When it comes to editing Hidef files, all software that I have uses proxy files. Meaning the AVCHD files are converted to an easier format for editing purposes. Unfortunately, I don't know of any software that will just use the files directly from the camcorder and burn a Blueray disc.

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O.K. So what is the best way to get or is it possible to get any Hi-Def on to Blu-Ray without having to click the Add buttton 344 time's on agreeing to accecpt that it needs to convert the selected file to be edited
Unfortunately, there isn't one with Creator 2009.
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