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File Backup Never Completes



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I'm trying to backup about 6 GB of photos onto 2 DVDs. It's archived 4.2 of the 6.1 GB and the progress bar never advances. It's been like this for over an hour. I just got Roxio yesterday and have had nothing but problems.







You have not given any information which program (from some 2 dozen or more) from the suite you are using. We have to assume you are using Roxio Creator 2009 since that is where you are posting.

Please provide some detail on what you are doing. It would also help if you supplied your system specs and the make of you DVD media.

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Working or not, if you are spanning discs, you are putting all of your data at risk!


If you select the files manually you will get a 100% rock solid archive of your files.


If you let the program do it, you could lose many of your files years later when you try to recover them…


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