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Where ar eall the files gone



I have successfully captured a video file using my capture card; Xpert TV-PVR PCI, for MPEG2 but when I up this to MPEG4 as soon as it starts or shorly after I get the message - capture card lost . I have checked the card and it does state that it will handle MPEG4. Further in the capture setup in MyDVD when I try to increase the rsolution it tells me that it is not available so do I need to load a patch into EMC8 OH yes I am using EMC8 although I have had to capture with EMC6. Also I seem to lose the file produced into the bowells of the machine, it comes up every time I load the program but I do not seem to find the file on the hard disc I wanted to find the file so that I could use another program to change to MPEG4.
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