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Why Is This Program Killing My Computer?



Alright, I'm getting really annoyed off with this.


I make youtube videos with this program and at first it was working great. Then it started to get slower and slower, then it started to freeze at a certain point in the video when I played it back and my computer would get the blue screen of death.


So I got a new computer. Brand new Intel Pentium, dual core... I'm just coping the sticker because I'm not that great with computers but you get it, brand new computer. And with this brand new computer I install this program again, and I make about ten more videos with it. Then it starts freezing and crashing my computer, again!


I've done virus scans and nothing has popped up, and I haven't downloaded any footage with viruses on it either. I tried editing a slideshow in VideoWave with pictures that I made in microsoft paint, and it STILL FROZE UP AND GOT ME TO THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!


Does ANYONE have any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone? Please tell me that I'm not alone, this is really buggin me off and all I want to do is make youtube videos. Thanks in advance.

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I bought it at retail. The box says Easy Media Creator 10 suite. Where would I find the version number? (Sorry, I'm a noob when it comes to these things)


I'm using videwave and only videowave to make my videos


I just got a message, my first message saying that there might be something wrong with my direct X 9 or something like that? I'm not sure exactly what it said, I accidentally killed it. And once a week or so when I open up the videowave it says that I need an update to support WMV files, and when I download the update from the microsoft site it says that I can't install it. But I'm not using WMV files, I'm mostly using AVI files and jpegs.

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Download this to you hard drive, File Name: directx_nov2008_redist.exe




Read the directions FIRST and FOLLOW them, install it and reboot.


The "videowave it says that I need an update to support WMV files," I've got for years on a XP SP 2 machine, don't bother with it...



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Did this Roxio software come with this new PC? Or is it a bought Retail version, if so the full name and version #, please?


In what applications of this Roxio program are you using to make your videos?


The more details you provide the faster this might go..


I would clean the language up, some posts seem to vanish when that type of language is used.



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