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Easy Cd & Dvd Burning 9



Hello, I'm new here, a senior lady who has bought Easy CD & DVD Burning 9 to backup my many data, music, photo, Paint Shop Pro (.psp, .pspimage), scrapbooking and other files. When I have Roxio Creator Classic open, even though I've picked the files I want to backup, when I go to the "Task" area, Backup is the second one listed and it's greyed out, I'm not able to use it? I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with this, as I only have a few hairs left on my head? As :mellow: an old lady, bald is NOT beautiful...I've tried this many times and it's a no go. This shouldn't be this difficult. On the box, it lists "Safer Backups" as one of the features. If that's so, why isn't it available for me to use? I'm using XP SP2.

Thank you for any help, it would be greatly appreciated.


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It doesn't have a dedicated backup program…


It doesn't have a disc copier…


It Can Backup all data files through Classic!


It Can Backup a Disc though Classic!


Classic creates much better discs for backup! They are timeless and will always work!


Whereas dedicated backup program discs become unusable in time. I have Take Two Backups but they are unusable with XP or Vista. Had some others I did in DOS and did I mention my Backup Tapes???


The Red Box offers a minimum of programs but it is all one needs to backup files.


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This discussion has confirmed for me that the "backup" capability advertised on the Easy CD & DVD Burning software package is not included in the software. That is the sole reason I purchased the software. I am very upset with Roxio for what I consider "false" advertising and with the store for still having the obsolete software on their shelves. However, I am furious with Roxio for not telling me when I specifically asked if this was the case. They had me jumping through all kinds of hoops. I went through an extensive process to uninstall the software, to completely clean my system of any references to the software, and to reinstall the software. In the process, I also experienced the problem with being informed that the trial period for the software had expired.


After this experience, I will never recommend that anyone purchase a Roxio product.

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Hello Lady Ikester,


Yes, the box does have "Safer Backup" shown as one of its drawcards, but in fact the architects of this cut-down suite have removed both Roxio Backup and the Sonic Easy Archive backup module from it, along with BackupMyPC and a number of other useful modules. That is why these items are greyed out and missing from your software. :(




I don't know why they did that, and we on the forums protested loudly but to no avail. I don't believe it's proper that the software should still be available to buy now, since it's over two years old and is well out of support life. However that would be a matter between you and your vendor for selling old stock, since I think Sonic stopped selling this ages ago.


Now that you're thoroughly depressed [and I apologize for having to point those things out] perhaps all is not lost.


I would suggest that you continue to use Creator Classic, as IMHO it is much more versatile and reliable than the "backup" alternatives, if not quite so easy to use. The "backup" programs backup material to a proprietary format and you need to have those programs running to be able to read the backup discs. Creator Classic, on the other hand, writes standard CD/DVD-ROM discs which can be read without special software on any PC.


-Just run a Data Disc Project in Creator Classic, and drag the files/folders you want to backup from the top [select Source] pane of your project window down into the bottom [Data Disc Project] pane.

-Set your disc size to CD [80 min or 703MB] or DVD [4.7 GB] and the 'progress bar' along the bottom right of the project will show you how full your project is.

-when all the files/folders are selected or the project is full, burn it to a CDR or DVDR [Rewriteables should only be used for temporary projects and not archiving valuable stuff] by clicking the Burn button, setting any options you want, and then 'OK'.


Creator Classic isn't as handy because you have to select your files/folders manually, and do one disc at a time. However this is really a security advantage, because backup programs which "span" a backup over multiple discs are dangerous. Lose one disc and you've lost the set, whereas in a backup done with Creator Classic any damage done to one disc doesn't affect other discs and may only affect as little as one file.


Anyhow, I hope this helps you and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.





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Thank you, Digi Guru for replying so quickly. That really ticks me off, as they advertise ON THE BOX, as if it has a backup component in it. Foolish me! I've printed your advise and now, I'm not feeling too bad about my "lack of intelligence" in being able to find the backup function. I'll follow your suggestion and at least get all my files copied to DVD's. Thanks again...

ikester4u2 (Carol)

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Hi Carol,


You're not showing a lack of intelligence, you're just new to the field, and "you were had!" by the sales people. [Grrr! :(]


For those who haven't seen it, here's "THE BOX" we speak of with its key attractions prominent at center stage. The Vista Compatible sticker is in the bottom right corner.



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