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iPod Conversion:Poor Conversion of 'Dark Colours' from video files




I've noted when converting some of my home videos to iPod that the quality produced by Popcorn2 for dark scenes can be quite poor.


For those scenes which take place at night/indoor lighting on my files, they display fine on my mac, but when I convert using the Popcorn converter with 'to TV' setting, when I playback on Mac or TV, the dark colours all seem to be merged producing pretty awful picture quality.


However, if I use Quicktime on my system to produce an mp4 (MPEG 4 Basic encoder) based on the same settings as in Popcorn. The file outputs correctly and when I play it back on my TV, you can still see the contrast between the dark shades.


Any help on modifying my Popcorn settings to keep the colour separation (if thats the correct term) of dark shades would be appreciated.




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