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Using Toast 9 Dvd Menu Styles In Toast 10



Here's a tip that I haven't tested to completion but at least gets the Toast 9 DVD menu designs to be selectable along with the Toast 10 menu designs in Toast 10.


You certainly wouldn't bother doing this if none of the previous-version menu styles appeal to you as better for your purpose than the new set of Toast 10 menu styles. While my tip shows how to copy over the Toast 9 menu styles as a group you can choose just the one(s) you want instead. Also, I only explain how to do this for the 4:3-ratio menus from Toast 9. The 16x9 menus from Toast 9 still had 4:3 buttons whereas the ones in Toast 10 have 16:9 buttons.


1. Control-click on the Toast 9 application and choose Show Package Contents in the contextual menu that appears.

2. Open the Contents folder and the Resources folder.

3. Find the Toast DVD Menu Styles folder and option-drag it to your desktop to make a duplicate copy. You may now close the package contents folder window.

4. Open the Root>Library>Application Support folder. There you should see a Roxio folder. Open it (or create a Roxio folder if one isn't present). Drag the Toast DVD Menu Styles folder from your desktop to this Roxio folder. You'll probably be asked to authenticate the action and to enter your administrator password. If there already is a Toast DVD Menu Styles folder present then just drag the individual menu styles you want to add into that existing folder.

5. At this point opening Toast 10 will show the addition of those menu styles. However, these are only standard 4:3 menus.


After all this is done open Toast 10 and click on the menu thumbnail that appears with some of the settings in the Video window. You will see button below "Aspect Ratio." If you select Standard you'll see all the menu styles that are scaled 4:3. If you select Widescreen you'll see only the menu styles that are scaled 16x9 which won't include any of the menu styles transferred from Toast 9.


So what happens when you use these prior-version menu styles? I expect them to work fine, but I haven't tested them and so you're using at your own risk. If anyone tries this and has something go amiss, please post your experience so others are warned.


Notice that I'm not changing anything in the Toast package itself. You can always remove or trash the Toast DVD Menu Styles folder in the Root>Library>Application Support>Roxio folder to undo any of this with no affect on Toast.

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