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Toast 10 Streamer



I set up Toast 10 and Server and established a short name to the URL and added TiVo video to Streamer. I start streaming and get a green light on the bottom saying the Streamer Server is running at http://streamer.roxio.com/"username" but when I go to Safari or Firefox on any computer it is unable to connect to the server. I called tech support and they told me to do this:


Thank you for contacting Roxio Technical Support


Please trash the following files(if found), they will need to be removed from 2 locations(listed below):




Roxio Toast Prefs




and any other com.Roxio.* files found


These files can be found at and will need to be removed from both of these locations:

Hard Drive/Library/Prefrences/

(user name)/Library/Prefrences/


Also, please trash all previous versions of Toast and CD Spin Doctor form your Applications Folder, then click Finder(menu)> Secure Empty Trash and restart the computer.


Once this is done, please launch Toast.



This still did not resolve the issue.



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Maybe this tutorial for the previous version of Streamer will help you troubleshoot this. Also, search the Toast 9 forum because your issue sounds familiar to something that was posted and resolved there.


They said that they were unable to connect to their server on their end as well. He said they hadn't anticipated this much demand for streamer and they didn't want a bottleneck to occur with everyone using it. He said they are working on the issue and hopefully will have it fixed in the next day or two.



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