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Keep The Old Or Get The New?



I've been using EMC8 for a couple of years, not completely without problems. However, I'm unwilling to discard the time and effort I've put in to learn the pieces I need. Primarily my tasks have been

make music CDs

make Family slideshow/video DVDs

backup data

make disc labels

Recently I have had some problems with VideoWave and myDVD. I tried reinstalling a couple of times, through the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove Programs option, but the problems persisit. Only today did I come across some postings suggesting the use of Microsoft Windows Installer Clean Up Utility. I had not tried that process. So I'm asking here for opinions/suggestions.


On one hand, since my tasks can be done with (a correctly working) EMC8, it seems silly to spend money on a product that doesn't give me anything new that I'd use. (And am I crazy to buy another Roxio product when the one I'm using is now giving me problems?)

On the other hand, perhaps in the future I will want to be able to work in HD. In addition, Staples is offering Creator 2009 for 49.99 after rebates and the deal ends this week.

So, opinions please. Do I uninstall and reinstall EMC8 or is the price for Creator 2009 too good to pass up?


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Personally, I wasn't impressed with 8 and thought it was a step back from 7.5 in DVD quality and hear you follow the 'if it ain't broke' mentality but you are 3 generations back in the software and depending on your hardware, if you use C2009 as long as you have v8, the $50 is worth the upgrade to me.

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