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Problems With Roxio Easy Cd Creator 6


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Here it is in a nut shell. I am a DJ and burn a lot of discs monthly. I have been using my older desktop with windows ME and have had no problems. Now I upgraded to a new emachines with XP and a emachines burner. Now I can use my roxio, put 16 song tracks onto my cd project and burn it. The CD plays on my cd drive in my emachines, plays in my vehicle pioneer cd player, but acts funny when I load it into my DJ dual drive cd player. It takes forever to load, then plays the first few tracks, then cant find anymore tracks. I have to scroll from track to tracks fast forwarding the music till i get to the right track I want to play then it plays just fine. Any ideas?????

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If you are using Creator Classic, when you push the "fire" button, lower right corner, and the next box appears click on details and then check "finalize disk". If a disk is not finalize it can be finicky with other drives and finalizing the disk makes it usable in other drives.


Another possibiltiy is to check the file format of the files you are burning. The files format may not be compatible with the other drives or may need other software to play.


The problem with the disk showing all songs being burned but not playable was a problem I had with NERO. Nero would not duplicate copy a store bought cd because of the anti-piracy software included. If you put the disk in the drive it would show all the songs there but only the first 4 songs would work so I use ECDC 6 with no problems.

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