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Tivo Transfer Stopped Working After Upgrading To Toast 10



I have successfully used the TiVo Transfer feature included with Toast 8 to download recordings from my Series 3 TiVo to My Mac in the past. However, after upgrading to Toast 10 Titanium, my DVR does not show up in the transfer window, and thus I can't transfer any recordings to my Mac.


I've already verified network settings correctly on the TiVo system, and disabled Growl on my Mac as instructed in the troubleshooting guide. Still no success. I know that the TiVo and the Mac can see each other because I see the TiVo successfully connecting to my Mac in the system log. I can also use Tivo Desktop to successfully share music and pictures from my Mac to the DVR.


Any other ideas?


The TiVo Transfer version I'm using is 1.2.1.

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I suggest going to the Toast Help menu and selecting the Toast Setup Assistant. Be sure to put a check mark on the page in the setup assistant where you're asked if you want to enable TiVo transfers. Perhaps it didn't work the first time you went through the setup. If it still isn't working then trash the Toast plist and prefs files in your User>Library>Preferences folder and relaunch Toast 10 (which will automatically start the setup assistant again). Hopefully this will fix the issue on your Mac.

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