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Creator 2009 Special Edition



When I launch Creator 2009 on my Windows Vista computer and select a task that requires VideoWave, it crashes every time. I have removed and reinstalled the entire software package and it still crashes. My computer is a Dell XPS410 with an Intel Core Duo Processor running at 2.4Ghz, with 4Gb of RAM and a 500Gb hard drive. I previously had an older version of Creator (version 7) running in Windows XP that had many problems, but Roxio finally came out with a fix (about a year later) which seemed to fix all my problems. After I upgraded my computer to the present one, I used other DVD creator software, but none of them had a good user interface package like Roxios version, so I eventually purchased the new version thinking that they now have all their ducks in order and they are now producing relatively bug free software. How wrong I was! Has anyone out there experienced similar problems in Windows Vista?

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Has anyone out there experienced similar problems in Windows Vista?


All you would have to do is read a few messages below yours, and you would know.


Also, pinned at the top of this forum, is a post telling how to do a clean install of the software.


You can find it, here:






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