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Microsoft Speak With Forked Tongue


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The general public will be able to download the beta starting Friday, said CEO Steve Ballmer in his first-ever opening speech at the International CES in Las Vegas. "We will make the beta available worldwide," Ballmer said. "I encourage you all to get out and download it."




Microsoft made it clear that the beta will be available for a "limited time," and said it will cap the beta after the first 2.5 million downloads.




btw - the MS website is swamped already 'Server Busy' :lol:

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Noooo - that's not the point


Ballmer said he hoped everyone would download it - then Redmond said it was limiting it to 2.5 million users worldwide ;P


Not quite 'everyone' in anyone's vocabulary ;)

Kinda like "Stock up and Save" *


* Limit one per customer:


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I suppose that there is a logic in releasing buggy Operating Systems (anyone else recall the fiascos of 95A, 98 (original) and ME?)


I suppose that if Redmond ever did come out with an OS that was secure and solid, they'd never sell anything after that :lol:

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